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Let's enjoy Japanese!!

This website provides many free Japanese language educational materials.
Please make use of them in your studies.

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Fun Learning Course

Let's learn with fun!

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Conversation Skills Course

Let's enhance our conversation skills!

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JLPT Intensive Course

Let's study for the JLPT!

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Hiragana & Katakana!!

Hiragana and Katakana are Japanese characters. They are similar to the English alphabet, so let's start by mastering these first. If you have already finished learning Hiragana and Katakana, you can skip this section. Once you have learned about 60-70% of these characters, let's move on to learning verbs. We also recommend studying numbers and dakuon at the same time as learning verbs. You can learn more about numbers and dakuon from this page.

Verbs conjugation!

Japanese verbs are classified into three types, each of which changes in usage within a sentence. There are rules to how they change, so in order to master Japanese, it is necessary to learn how to transform them. On this page, you can learn the conjugated forms of frequently used verbs and verbs that are likely to be tested in the JLPT. You can also take a test to check if you have memorized them correctly.

Kanji(Chinese characters)

Kanji is also a type of Japanese character, just like hiragana and katakana. If you want to take the JLPT test or read Japanese texts, learning kanji is essential. However, some people may want to focus on learning conversation skills first, so this website allows you to learn using hiragana and katakana even if you don't know kanji. You can also learn kanji for the JLPT test from this page as a paid member. If you want to seriously study Japanese, be sure to study kanji as well.

Conversation practice

If you want to improve your conversational skills, you can learn commonly used Japanese phrases and conversations that Japanese people often use on this page. All of them are in a test format, so the study method is to respond in Japanese when asked a question in Japanese. You can set the response speed to your own level. Once you get used to conversing, gradually increase the speed of the conversation and practice.

lesson icon Regular lessons
Beginner lesson1
~ JLPT N5 level ~
We will study from basic greetings to verb conjugation! Let's learn Japanese while getting to know the daily life of a typical Japanese high school student!
Beginner lesson2
~ JLPT N4~N5 level ~
Continuing with the study of verbs and adjectives, let's learn Japanese while observing the lifestyle of Japanese high school and university students, and when they get a partner.
Intermediate lesson1
~ JLPT N4 level ~
Learn complex verbs and honorific language. Mastering Japanese honorific language is useful when communicating with Japanese. Study Japanese from job hunting to starting work situations.
Intermediate lesson2
~ JLPT N3~N4 level ~
We will engage in a slightly more advanced level of learning overall. Through the life of Japanese people, from marriage to overseas transfer or independence, we will learn Japanese.