How to study Japanese

How to study Japanese!!

Beginner students.
 Improve Your Japanese Skills with Our Free Materials. Are you a beginner student trying to learn Japanese? Japanese is a complicated and difficult language to master, but with our free materials, you can achieve an intermediate level! On our site, we offer plenty of resources to help you improve your Japanese skills. Start by learning the basics of Japanese, including "Hiragana" and "Katakana," which can be found on the top page and side bar. These are the Japanese letters you need to know before advancing to more complex Japanese. On our site, we focus mainly on listening and speaking, as we believe these are the most important skills to learn. Our site can be understood even if you only know hiragana and katakana. Japanese verbs also have conjugation, which may seem daunting at first. However, by familiarizing yourself with the basic rules of verb conjugation, you can learn more smoothly. Check out our "Verb Conjugation Material" on the top page and side bar. We hope our free materials will help you improve your Japanese skills greatly. Good luck!
Intermediate students.
Intermediate students.
⭐︎Our materials are also help intermediate students a lot!!
 Improve Your Japanese with Our Materials - Suitable for Intermediate Students. On our site, we offer free materials suitable for intermediate level learners who have been studying Japanese for more than one year. These materials are designed to help you improve your Japanese skills and advance to the next level. While we suggest that you start with our beginner lesson #1, we also understand that intermediate students may find some of these lessons too easy. If this is the case, feel free to skip ahead. However, we do recommend that you check out the beginner lessons for some helpful tips that can enhance your learning experience. On our site, you can also practice listening and writing hiragana and katakana, which are essential for any Japanese learner. These resources can be found on the top page and side bar, and we encourage you to practice regularly. For a more comprehensive learning experience, we also offer regular lessons. By combining these lessons with the practice of hiragana and katakana, you can strengthen your Japanese skills and become a more confident learner. We hope our materials help you achieve your goals and improve your Japanese skills. Good luck!
Advanced students.
Advanced students.
⭐︎Please use materials for your review!!
As an advanced level student, you may not learn much from our free materials. However, we encourage you to use them as a way to review and strengthen your Japanese skills. Our site also offers advanced materials, including kanji and conversation lessons, which may be more suitable for your level. Even at an advanced level, it's important to continue practicing basic skills like hiragana and verb conjugation. Our site offers resources for these areas that you can find on the top page and side bar. Additionally, if you have any questions or are facing difficulties in your Japanese studies, we have grammar and question pages to help you out. For those who want to practice conversational skills or have specific questions about Japanese language and culture, we offer Skype lessons. However, these require a ticket or membership to access. We hope you find our materials helpful for review and that our advanced resources will challenge and improve your Japanese skills. Enjoy learning with us!
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On our site, we offer two types of lessons: Regular Lessons and Basic Lessons. Basic Lessons cover essential topics such as hiragana, katakana, numbers, and verb conjugation, which are a must for anyone learning Japanese. Regular Lessons consist of a total of 120 lessons, which provide a solid foundation for your Japanese language skills. While some Regular Lessons are for members only, most are available for free. If you visit the top page, you will find three courses introduced. By selecting the course that fits your needs, you can take Regular Lessons and Basic Lessons in the most efficient order. You can skip any lessons that you don’t need. At the bottom of the page, there are two question buttons available. Studying Japanese may be challenging, and you may have questions. If so, you can search for answers here. Additionally, if you want to ask questions frequently, you can become a member except for Light member and ask questions from your own private page. (※Please go to the Member Page for more details.)

How to start studying from scratch!!

How to start studying from scratch!!
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How to proceed learning Japanese

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